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5 Days in Italy – Day 1

I originally compiled this itinerary for 2 of my sisters who were taking a summer tour through my 2 favorite cities in Italy…Rome and Florence. They only had time for 2 days in each and so the itinerary is set up accordingly. It can be modified to suit greater travel time, but also affords a quick and fairly comprehensive view of both cities in a pinch.


Day 1 Rome:

 Get an early start and a hearty breakfast… it’s going to be a long day!

Start the day off with a tour of the Colosseo. Find the entrance line and if the line is long take in the outer structure first, if the line is short get in and through the doors. Once inside walk up the first set of steps to the main level and admire what it would have been to be a spectator in this great stadium. Next take a close look at the maze of walls you can see through the old colosseo floor. These were the rooms where gladiators and performers were held during the games. These rooms connect to a vast underground tunnel system that connected the training grounds to the colosseo back in the day and they are currently uncovering more and more of these passages!


 After you have had your fill of site seeing and picture taking at the colosseo exit and head
immediately north toward the Spanish steps bypassing the forum. (We’ll come back to it at the end of the day when it is cooler!)

 From the top of the Spanish steps admire the city and piazza de Spagna below. Then take some time to shop the small vendor’s set up at the top with catholic medals, purses, paintings, jewelry and more. Then walk down the steps and have lunch and gelato in one of the small café’s at the bottom of the steps before heading off toward Palazzo Barberini. Just as with all palazzo’s in Rome Baberini holds sculptures and art work from famous artists from centuries ago, but don’t dawdle too long we’re off to see the Trevi Fountain.

 From the Trevi Fountain take pictures and oogle at other tourists as you all sit and stare in amazement at these magnificent, centuries old statues. Then turn around and admire the shops in the streets surrounding this square with designer labels and window displays to amaze.

 Next we stay a course headed east to the Pantheon. This famous site has been host to a multitude of religions and face lifts. Wander around the outside of the building and notice the different layers from these many transformations. Once inside follow the crowd around the inner circle admiring the statues and plaques with explanations of the current and past art displays, but don’t forget to look above your head or below your feet for the floor and ceiling of this great wonder hold just as much history as the walls!

 Only a few a few more streets east you’ll run into the Piazza Novona to admire the fountains of Bernini, the site of the original Roman university, and relics/bones of a few well known saints. While you’re here find a café with outside seating and enjoy a leisurely dinner and perhaps a glass of red wine before heading off for today’s final destination.


Once you are full and looking toward the cooler temperatures of the evening head back toward the Roman Forum and walk through the old streets of Caesar’s Rome. Imagine the chariots racing along the thinly cobbled streets and the mischievous behaviors at the bath houses.

 Now climb the steps out and wander back to the hotel for a good nights sleep!


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