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Book Review – The Dream Keeper by Mikey Brooks

In Mikey Brooks first young adult adventure The Dream Keeper, Brooks masterfully transports the reader to the land of Dreams and back again. In his worlds of both Awake and Dreams Brooks utilizes titles and trends which transcend the generational gap allowing readers of all ages to connect with his characters. Descriptively written, Brooks characters and landscapes seduce the imagination allowing the reader to follow along in the journey as participants instead of idle bystanders. Without effort the reader is transported from the comfort of their sofa to the dark jutting rocks of Mares and the white washed sandy beaches of Favor.

In the land of Awake Parker and Kaelyn find themselves fighting the everyday battles of growing from childhood into adulthood. From standing up to school bullies to the ever present fear of being labeled a looser Parker and Kaelyn are confronted by those actions and beliefs which define them. However, it is the land of Dreams that these two unlikely friends will find their strengths and internal bonds which will shape the nature of who they are and will decide the fate of their World. Meanwhile in the land of Dreams Gladamyr and Cerulene battle the evil shifter Fyrens army of nightmares in order to prevent the destruction of Favor and maintain the balance between the worlds of Awake and Dreams…but can a dream keeper who was once a nightmare himself save Dreams? Join Parker and Kaelyn as they travel into the land of Dreams, and with the help of Gladmyr and Cerulene battle the evil Fyren in order to save both worlds.

Readers note: I truly enjoyed Brooks new novel and can’t wait to read the second in the series. The characters he has created echo in the memories of adults and shine real and present for children fighting with those internal battles which help us grow into adulthood.

Although some of the images created are truly frightening nightmares, this book has the opportunity to empower its youth readers, as they follow along with Parker and Kaelyn and know that despite their age and the obstacles they face they have the power to change their world and define who they are.

For those with pre-teens and teens who suffer from nightmares, this book has the capacity to help them take back their night. Despite some of the frightening images described, the triumph of the characters over those nightmares brings a sense of courage to the reader…that even they may take hold of their Dreams.

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