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Time to Harvest Grapes!


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by | September 28, 2013 · 10:50 pm

DIY Project: The Cinder Block Raised Garden

This is the first in my quest to take back the over-grown, once amazing back yard we bought.  It has been three years of weed eating, hedge trimming and deciding that I need a green thumb to make it beautiful.  This picture here is taken from my daughter’s birthday party a while back and you can see that even with weeds, it is really pretty.  I want it better.


My thumb is not green in the slightest.  It is more like a sickly black.  Gifting a plant to me is like giving it a death sentence.  I like plants.  I like the lush green and the way they light up a room or accent a garden.  But for some reason, they all die in my care.

To be fair, I’ve never had a garden.  Most of my poor plants have been inside.  Yet, there is evidence of this house once having had a beautifully landscaped yard to go with a gorgeous view.

 Soooo, with out further ado, here’s my Pinterest found answer to a garden.  I still have to keep them alive, but building this was easy and cheap, and if it works, I’ll do more.

i had just ripped up the one plant I actually want dead and out of my yard: the Juniper Shrub.  It left a lovely space for my project.


Next, I layed out the blocks in the shape I wanted and lined it with newspaper.

*Next one of these I make I will lay down the paper first.  I thought I was avoiding ugly paper sticking out, but we’ve had 2 weeds poke up on corners.


Then you fill with soil appropriate to your plants:


Then plant away!


Two weeks later:

THEY AREN’T DEAD!   There may just be a bit of green in my thumb.

*knock on wood*


We have so much more work to do and this is just one half of the back yard!


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