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Milanesa Napolitana

In Argentina in the early 1900s a pizzeria owner created a special kind of Milanesa and it quickly became adopted as a specialty dish.  Milanesa is basically breaded meat, and in this dish it is a high protein pizza crust.  this is a really easy dish that sounds pretty fancy but just tastes like comfort food.
Go to your meat department and look for thin cut meat.  I chose beef, but you can use chicken or pork as well.  I got over a pound and it served ten. Considering the only other item i didn’t already have on hand was Marinara sauce, this served ten for about ten dollars.  A DOLLAR a plate?!  Fantastic.
*One slice of  thin cut beef per person. (You can use chicken or pork as well.)
*Start with 3 eggs whisked with about 1 T. Oregano in a large, flat dish
*In a separate large, flat dish, combine 2 C. Bread Crumbs, 1/2 T of crushed Garlic, 
and 1/4 C Parmesan Cheese.
*heat skillet with 1-2 T of Olive Oil per steak
*Dip meat in egg to thoroughly coat.
*Then, toss in the bread crumb mixture, making sure there is a healthy layer over the egg.
*Place carefully on the hot skillet and cook on medium heat for a few minutes on each side until both sides are a golden brown and crisp.
*Turn on your broiler.
*When each steak is done, place it on a cookie sheet and top with deli sliced ham or
*spoon a layer of sauce over the meat.  (the recipe I started with called for straight tomato sauce.  I chose my favorite bottled Marinara instead.)
*Add a layer of Mozzerella cheese and broil until bubbly.
 Pull out and serve!  
I think I’ll try just cheese next time.


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