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DIY Weeping Angel Wings


I looked everywhere for cheap wings to spray paint gray.  The cheapest I could find that weren’t fairy wings were $50.

I have four kids that need wings.  There’s no way in heck I’m paying $200 for one part of a Halloween costume!

Sooooooo–I sat and stared at my Costco Milk box and took out my roll of Duct Tape:


I drew an outline of a wing, free-handed.  Then cut it out.

I chose the handle of the box to be where it was originally so I could fashion straps easier.

I ended up taping over them anyway though.Image

I toyed for a while between having a solid piece with the handle holes for straps, or

what I actually did, which was to keep the natural bend in the box so the wings moved and

would work better through doors and such.


Then I began with the Duct Tape.  I started with the middle.

After stabilizing the two pieces together, I began with the actual wings,

choosing which side looked the best facing out.  I really

wanted to support the middle to avoid ripping with the kids’ wear and tear.


After doing one long strip up and over the wing and down again, I lined up the strips and

carefully pressed them together, using my hands to get a nice groove around the curve of a “feather”.
ImageImage Then I cut just outside of the groove.


It continued on like this until the wings were covered.

Then I begs making small-ish strips with the ends folded over for feathers.


Place folded end downward where you want a feather and carefully cut out the

shape of a feather.  Repeat until it looks right to you.



Voila!  Now for the straps.

I made two strips of tape folded over itself.

Make sure it can go over their shoulders.

Adhere to the inside of the wings and stabilize the straps.



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DIY Water Blob via Pinterest attempt

Over a week of 100+ degrees and our swampcooler and sprinklers broke.  Our grass was dying and our already tired of being together girls were about ready to kill each other. It was time to pull out the big guns.  Mom’s best resource… my Pin board.

You might have seen this on Pinterest.  The concept is appealingly simple.  EVERYONE makes this seem so easy.

1 roll of thick, clear plastic sheeting

Duct tape

Garden hose

Voila!  A lovely way to cool off that looks oh, so easy to put together. Right?  Ugh.  Wrong.

First off, Duct taping this baby alone is already really freaking tricky.  With excited little girls bouncing around, it is nearly impossible.  ADVICE:  Find two other grownups and don’t have the kids around.

Second, if there is event he slightest incline in your yard, don’t do it.  As it fills with water, it looks like a waterbed mattress… a King size.  It is heavy.  I tried this the first time and couldn’t even take a pictures as we have an almost unnoticeable incline in our front yard and as soon as it got enough water that I couldn’t move it, it began rolling, so sneakily, toward the street.

Third, If you do this where the neighborhood will see it, you will get hoards of happy children jumping on it, even if it isn’t done yet. It seems so awesome to them that they can’t help it. As it was rolling down toward the street, I was trying desperately to hold this giant water bladder up so little feet and legs weren’t trapped as it rolled forward.  But oh, were those kids happy.

Fourth.  LEAKS.  No matter how much we taped it, there were leaks.  DO NOT USE THE CUTESY DUCT TAPE.  It isn’t water resistant.  I recommend Gorilla Tape… a lot of it.

After the front yard fiasco, we drained it, and let it dry for another day to use in the back yard.  I decided I would be really smart and turn it inside out, taping it AGAINfrom the other side.  It was DOUBLE TAPED on the inside and out.

It still leaked.

Lastly, none of the post I saw talked about the last corner where the hose was filling it up.  After much debate, we decided to burp the blob of as much air as we could at about half way full and tape the hose IN TO the blob, since it was leaking anyway.

Even in our seemingly FLAT back yard, it still rolled to the point that we made a barricade. This worked and the kids had a blast that I’m still not sure was worth the headache.  But it made for good, clean fun in 103 degrees and looks great in a scrapbook.

It also makes a delightful addition to a water fun obstacle course.


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