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One very cheap and easy Halloween decorating idea


One thing I like to do every holiday is paint the windows.  It razor blades right off and is a very frugal way of being festive.  I use tempera paint and free hand it, but you could use a stencil as well.  It takes little to no time at all and adds some flair.




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DIY Big Black Frame for photo booth and decor

With an upcoming Halloween/Birthday party, I wanted a huge frame for a photo booth.  Turns out, it is a cute overall decor item too!

Simple black frame from press board

Simple black frame from press board

It started when the fall clean up for our city was taking the large garbage items.  I looked a the huge piece of press board we had in the garage and wanted it re-purposed or thrown out.  With the upcoming party, I thought I’d repurpose it for a photo booth.

Step one: Find a work station.  I had nothing that large, so I used to long tables.

Step two:  Measure out and trace your frame.

Measure and trace the guide for cutting

Measure and trace the guide for cutting

Step three: Use a drill to make starting your cut and making corners easier.

Step four: Use your favorite saw for the job.  I love my jigsaw.

The hole you drilled helps you start cutting lowering your chance of a snapped blade.

The hole you drilled helps you start cutting lowering your chance of a snapped blade.

Step five: Admire your handiwork.  Take a break and grab your choice of covering.

The cut out frame

Step six: Cover the baby up.  I was going for a Halloween look, so I used a Dollar Store black plastic table cloth and packing tape, as I misplaced the duct tape I wanted.  Your size and shape makes a difference in how you wrap.  Mine was really large and I made it six inches thick the entire way around the frame.  So I cut the table cloth into strips and taped it.

Duct tape would have been better, but the packing tape held.

Duct tape would have been better, but the packing tape held.

Step seven: Admire your handiwork again.  It’s not too shabby and it didn’t take long.

Wrapped frame

Step eight: Add embellishments like cobwebs and other decor.

Finished Product.

Finished Product.


For the party, I’ll move it out and prop it up, but for now, I rather like it by the door.



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Gifting your DIY Body Wash

Making your own DIY Body Wash is only half the fun! Once you have made your own, tried it, and loved it…it’ time to make some for others!

Step 1: Make your fabulous DIY Body Wash with your favorite recipe and fragrances. Please see previous post for ideas and recipe!

Step 2: Fill your handy squeeze bottles with your newly made Body Wash.


Step 3: Make labels so your very lucky friends know what an awesome gift you are giving them! Also, they make everything look very fancy and professional! (I made the ones displayed below in Adobe Photoshop and had a great time doing it!)

Duchess Lable 1 copyDuchess Lable 2 copy

Step 4: Place your freshly printed labels onto your bottles and complete gift as you like. I have mine in a cute dollar store basket with other bath time goodies! Give and allow others to Enjoy!


Side note: I made my labels out of regular paper so my friends will need to take them off before shower time. However if you want your labels to stay on and look even more professional, look into water-proof label companies. You upload your design online, they print and ship to your door for a minimal fee.

New Recipe I recently tried and love!
1 cup hot oatmeal water 
1 gelatin pack
1/2 cup olive oil
4-5 Tbl baking soda 
Vitamin E
Aromatherapy Oil of your choice.

Take 1 cup of raw oatmeal and soak it in boiling water until the water is nice and cloudy. Strain oatmeal out of water and discard. Reheat oatmeal infused water and melt in plain gelatin pack. Stir until fully dissolved. Add baking soda, olive oil, vitamin E and essential oils and whisk to combine. Place in fridge to help gelatin set. Stir every 15-30 minutes (to keep ingredients well combined) until body wash has set up. Pour body wash into bottles, use and enjoy!

The oatmeal infused water makes this version super creamy and luxurious. As a bonus…my mother used this after getting a sunburn and…no pain, itch or sting after showering! The oatmeal soothed the burn, the baking soda gently cleansed the area and the vitamin E and olive oil moisturized preventing peeling skin later!

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DIY Lawn Tonic via Tim Heffron (as seen on the news)

Did anyone else see the headliner a few years ago about a guy in Colorado who used a crazy DIY lawn tonic to get amazingly green grass in drought stricken Colorado? ME TOO! Only I didn’t have a lawn at the time I was in desperate need of sprucing up so unfortunately I didn’t write down the recipe. Now however, on the verge of getting the keys to a new home, as well as helping my mom spruce things up before she sells her home I see two lawns in need of some help. I Googled make your lawn green and DIY miracle grow a while back without luck, but that didn’t stop me. I knew as the heat of the summer approached and more of my fellow dry state individuals (Utah, Colorado, Arizona, Wyoming, Vegas, etc, etc) began to see their lovely spring lawns fade my search results would begin to yield better results. Sure enough this time when I typed in DIY Miracle grow for lawns the original story I was in search of popped right up.




There before me a plethora of sites talking about the lawn tonic from news stations to every day bloggers. However, one thing I didn’t immediately see was pictures of lawns that had used the tonic. I am in need of an all out grass roots revival (literally grass roots lol) so I don’t just want to read a recipe….I want to see before and after pictures so I know what to expect. Alas, at this point I haven’t had any luck. So, I’ve decided that despite my reservations about application without photo evidence I am going to give this a try because honestly these lawns can’t get much worse…and if they do I can always kill everything and then re-sod.

I am going to add before and after photos for comparison and honest review of this lawn tonic. To start….here is the recipe.

Tim Heffron’s lawn tonic recipe

  • 1 can of regular beer (no light beer)
  • 1 can of regular soda (any kind except diet soda)
  • 1/2 cup of general liquid soap (any kind accept NO anti-bacterial)
  • 1/2 cup of liquid ammonia
  • 1/2 cup of mouthwash (any brand)
  • Pour into 10-gallon hose-end sprayer (other sizes will work too)

Dry Lawn 6-30-13

Before photo of a portion of lawn at my mothers house. 30 June 2013 (I’m sure she’s going to love having this one posted on the world wide web. Sorry mom 🙂

DIY lawn 7-18-2013

After photo 17 July 2013. This is after only one application and a few days of rain. There is a dramatic difference! I intend on going over the yard again and then waiting another few weeks to see the results. According to Tim Heffron you should only use this every few weeks (3 weeks seems to be the sweet spot), otherwise it can burn your lawn instead of helping it.

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