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Katie’s Baptism Dress

A few years ago I made the baptism dress for my first niece Emma…without realizing it I started a tradition. With 5 (soon to be 6) nieces there will be a few white dresses to make over the coming years. Making the dresses for my nieces is something I am thrilled and honored to do…and I love getting to see the subtle differences in their personalities as they (or my sisters – the girls moms) pick out which dress they want.

WP_20130913_001 WP_20130823_001

Here is the dress Katie chose. She was enchanted by the roses. Although it is a basic pattern I took care to add small details here and there to make it special to her. (As far as sewing goes, this pattern was easy to follow and the difficulty level is low. I recommend gathering the roses for the base of the dress by hand.)


The dress hanging in the guest room the night before her baptism day. I recommend hanging a handmade dress the night before the event to allow the wrinkles to fall out. (Hanging it in the bathroom during showers to steam out the wrinkles is also a great trick!)

image image


Katie all dressed up after her baptism.

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