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School Store Ideas

The end of the year is upon us, and for our family, that means finding crafts for our kids to do in their economics classes.  I scoured Pinterest, but it was rough finding any kid store tested ideas.  Here are some ideas for those who are interested.


My 5th grader used a wood burner and a metal engraver.  I had to help with the wood burner, so she drew or wrote, and I burned.

The metal washers were between 16-23 cents each and we only spent about $10.  Washers make for easy necklaces too.  A big bag of wooden ovals was $1.


Next, the 5th grader did origami boxes, crocheted friendship bracelets, and monogrammed scrapbook papers. The engraver, though, ended up being used by both of the girls 3rd and 5th grade.  Easy and safe to use. The 3rd grader “laminated” (with clear packing tape) print outs of Avengers, Frozen, and Despicable Me characters, among others.  She then hot glued pins on the back.

Also laminated, were round bottle cap circles found on line, and glued with Elmer’s glue into bottle caps. Yes they do stay on and it is a lot easier and cheaper than finding diamond glue. She hot glued black yarn necklaces to the back. The left over circles, when we ran out of bottle caps, worked for cute necklaces for less school play money/tickets.

The 3rd grader’s 2 best necklaces, a BYU engraved washer and a Heart covered engraved washer, she raffled off and made more money than she would have sold them for.

For two kids, we made over 200 items, almost all sold out, and I spent a total of about $17 for both kids.  In turn, they both made a haul in their stores, raking in a total of $1500 in play school money.

Items they liked from other kids’ stores were: Flour filled Balloons referred to as “Keith” and cute clay accessories for Keith. Clear stone with pictures behind it, glued to a magnet. Designer Duct Tape bows for hair things. Rainbow looms were popular to make, but less to buy. Leather worked bracelets. Paper boxes labeled as “grab bags” with stickers inside. All sorts of food items (Although only the 5th grade was allowed edible items.) Hair Chalking Nail painting Face Painting Hair braiding Beaded Jewelry

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