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Year End

It has been a busy few months for the sisters here at GirlsvsBlog. The end of the year has snuck up on us as we have been busy renovating, baking, writing novels, completing family projects, moving, and welcoming new family members.

The months have slipped by in what seems like only a few moments. Its abrupt passage has me in a contemplative mood as I reflect upon the changes of the past year. We have seen in the news great stories of tragedy and triumph alike this year. Some have drawn smiles to our faces while others have brought tears. At home, the sentiments of the news have been reflected in our everyday lives as we cope with inner turmoil and geographical injustices.

For many this has been a wonderful eventful year and for others…perhaps a year they are happy to be moving on from. As I look back through my own list of events I must admit I have moments in each category…but for the most part I am extremely greatful for the year I have had and the wonderful memories I will take from it. That being said, I feel there are always ways to improve…or perhaps less New Years resolutiony…goals I wish to accomplish.

My own thoughts move toward the future, toward the goals I have set up for myself over the last few months and I wonder are these just blind resolutions? There are countless posts on blogs and facebook and twitter about peoples New Years resolutions and despite my belief that these individuals really think they are going to accomplish their resolution this year,  I have my doubts. So there it is…the year in one simple block. A resolution is made….it is either accomplished or set aside…the year ends with reflection…new resolutions are made. The reflection part takes into account the success or failure of those initial resolutions as well as all the additional ones made along the way as the year elapsed before us. What has me sitting with such great refection this year isn’t why people continue to make resolutions and not keep them…it’s how to keep them.

When I look back I am proud of the year I had…still I wish I had kept a few more of the resolutions (goals) I made throughout the year. I finished NaNoWriMo….but I still haven’t let anyone read my 50K word novel. I lost weight….I gained weight back….I became determined to loose it all again. I published a handful of blog posts…wish I had published a handful more.  Etc, etc, etc.

How do we keep our goals, set in moments, throughout an entire year; throughout a year of many more moments which may come to throw us off our course? Tradgedy strikes the world daily and our “resolutions” seem some how small and much less important…and yet here we are at the end of the year and still we find ourselves counting the successes and failures. How can we balance our moment goals among the great ups and downs of an enitre year?

I reflect but find no answers to my queries readily before me. Still, I do not sit idle but instead look upon the accomplishments of others and the brave recovery of those struck by tragedy and I smile knowing that though I may not have the answer just yet…I have time.

To all of our readers here at Girls vs Blog. Thank you for visiting us this year. We look forward to a wonderful year of blogging adventures ahead and we wish you all the very best of luck in tackling your own New Years Resolutions.

P.S. Please feel free to let us know about your upcoming goals and what you do to stay on top of them!

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