Boredom Busters: 10 Things to do with Salt and a Cookie Sheet





The kids have started their Autumn trading of the sniffles and with the rain we’ve been getting, we’re inside…  a lot.  Here’s one of my desperate attempts to keep the girls happy and it is working for all ages (2-11).  You’ll probably want to avoid doing the on carpet.  The salt travels around.

20130928-162216.jpg Homemade Zen Garden

20130928-162238.jpgPractice letters, Numbers and Shapes

20130928-162325.jpg Moon themed art

20130928-162342.jpg Self portraits

20130928-162408.jpg  Take your toes to the beach.

20130928-162428.jpg Make Animal tracks… and what ever those circle things are.  lol

20130928-162443.jpg Play I spy

20130928-162503.jpg Make a snow scene

20130928-162519.jpg Make an excavation site

20130928-162553.jpg Create a scene and write a story about it.

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