Harry Potter Knits – DIY Weasley Sweater

Harry Potter Knits -Weasley Sweater


It turns out, after all these years I still love children’s literature. Despite “growing up,” and transitioning into “adulthood” there is still something alluring and wonderful about children’s literature. I love the basic good vs evil, the wonderfully colorful descriptions of fantastical worlds and of course the fact that in the end good triumphs! So, naturally when the Harry Potter series hit the shelves I was almost instantly hooked. In addition to loving the characters and stories I love all the little details J.K. Rowling adds in that make the worlds and characters come to life. One of my favorite characters is Mrs. Weasley. I love her unfailing love for her family (those biological as well as those adopted in) and of course her wonderful knits! After reading the books and watching the films I knew I needed to attempt a few of these fantastic crafts myself. The number one item on my list to make…a Weasley sweater. Shortly before my eldest sister had her first baby I learned to knit. I was so excited that I wanted to make everything…but unfortunately I wasn’t exactly a master after only a week. However, with a little practice and a lot of fun I did finally manage to make a weasley sweater for my niece! I mapped out the design for her initial (the A) on the front and then set to figuring out how I could do an entire sweater using magic loop. Truthfully, I didn’t follow a pattern I simply applied basic principles of knitting 101…but I think it nonetheless came out great! The only problem is…now I want to make more. So it seems I may need to figure out a pattern…because I am very happy with my Weasley sweater!


(AB modeling her new sweater on our recent visit. It fits!)

I look forward to making more crafts and costumes from my favorite books! I hope this has inspired you to dust off the craft box and get to work on your own little piece of fun!

If you like Harry Potter knits like I do here are a few patterns I found on Ravelry.com! I haven’t had a chance to try them yet…but I think I just might need to try them soon!





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