Brooke vs Blog: a Guest Post

Welcome, Brooke of!  Your blog is adorable… and so is this free Printable on her BLOG!  

Here’s a bit about Brooke, by Brooke:


Hi, I’m Brooke. I’m married to an awesome man we have one son and three daughters, ages 8, 5, 2, and 6 months. I like being a mom. Usually. My kids are cute, I have a good husband, I feel fulfilled in my life. But some days are just plain hard and make me want to cry.

The thing is, I don’t like to cry. It makes my face all splotchy and gives me a headache. I would much rather laugh. And really, I have a lot to laugh about. I have complete strangers remind me daily just how hilarious my kids are. But I get caught up in the dishes and the laundry and the wiping of noses and bums and the seemingly endless fighting. And I need reminding of all that’s good and funny in my life.

So I blog about it.

I blog about the time my five year old, all dolled up for a dance recital, ran off to inspect herself in the mirror and proclaimed, “Oh wow! I’m lovely!! I could look at myself like this for weeks!”

I blog about my eight year old and the one time he broke down crying in the car about his pet fish Goldie that died months beforehand. Saying, “Mom, do pets go to Heaven? I sure hope they do because I just miss Goldie SO much, Mom. My heart is just broken….he was like a son to me!”.

I blog about my two year old and the fact that she says no to EVERYTHING. And the fact that we are keeping track of those things. So when she’s a teenager one day and starts begging for money and parties, we can pull out the videos of her saying “NO MONEY!!” and “NO PARTY!” And we will get to laugh all over again.

I’m sure it’s just a matter of time until the six month old joins the party and I can blog about her too.

I blog because I want to share these funny, touching, and inspiring moments with my friends and family. I blog because I want to have a record of these parts of their childhood. Because they are growing right before my eyes and in quiet moments I can already feel an ache for them to stay little forever. I know that ache will only intensify as they continue to get bigger, and I’ll need something to remind me what these crazy, not so quiet, times were like.

Hopefully we will all remember that some times were tough, most times were good, and that we found reason to laugh all along the way.


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