With a 3 year old b-day, I decided to go the Cake-pop route.  It seemed (and was) SO much less messy!  That “frosting” isn’t gooey, it is firm chocolate.  YUM!  The recipe looked so easy, I couldn’t pass it up.

I decided on Carrot cake, since we were going with an Easter/Spring theme.  

1 box cake made per directions on the box and cooled.

Take 1/2 of the cake and 1/2 container of Cream Cheese Frosting and mix together making a dough.

Roll into balls (or carrot shapes) and stick in the fridge 2 hours or the freezer 30 min. (Make them small… like donut hole small, or to your horror, your beautiful creation will slowly make its way down the stick and die a sad death.  With the carrot shapes, you can get a way with more weight because it it distributed differently… still, there was much bellowing and perhaps a few off color words dierected at the demise of some of my best cake pops.)

Melt white chocolate pieces and add desired food coloring.

While chocolate is melting, prepare candy sticks or dowels.  Candy sticks are a lot more pricy. (I used dowels 3/4 covered with floral tape and on the one pictured, I used floral wire covered with floral  tape to make the stem of the carrot.)

Dip the tip of the stick into the chocolate and place the firm, cold dough onto the stick. Hopefully you will have more luck dipping your dough in the chocolate.  Not only did I have to thin my chocolate out with milk a bit, but I spread it with a spatula, as the chocolate kept pulling the dough off of the stick for me.

Place in styrofoam or a candy stick holder, like the one I got at Walmart and I would suggest keeping them cool until use.  As you can see, some turned out MUCH better than others.  But the kids loved them and their faces were CLEAN!

I had seen the idea for a lollipop garden on Pinterest using Tootsie pops.
It looked so cute and all it was, was the candy stuck in a patch of grass.  Cute and easy, right?
Well, not for me.  i couldn’t find Tootsie pops anywhere.  So I used dum-dums.  Well, dum-dums are significantly shorter and got lost in the grass.  So I added a mini muffin liner and tied the bottom with embroidery floss, then placed them in the actual flower garden.  Even the boys at the party liked picking these flowers.  🙂

Complete with egg hunt, gift bags, coloring printable crowns and
rounds of duck-duck goose, simon says, and a bubble machine, I only spent
$30 on the entire party.

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