Gifting your DIY Body Wash

Making your own DIY Body Wash is only half the fun! Once you have made your own, tried it, and loved it…it’ time to make some for others!

Step 1: Make your fabulous DIY Body Wash with your favorite recipe and fragrances. Please see previous post for ideas and recipe!

Step 2: Fill your handy squeeze bottles with your newly made Body Wash.


Step 3: Make labels so your very lucky friends know what an awesome gift you are giving them! Also, they make everything look very fancy and professional! (I made the ones displayed below in Adobe Photoshop and had a great time doing it!)

Duchess Lable 1 copyDuchess Lable 2 copy

Step 4: Place your freshly printed labels onto your bottles and complete gift as you like. I have mine in a cute dollar store basket with other bath time goodies! Give and allow others to Enjoy!


Side note: I made my labels out of regular paper so my friends will need to take them off before shower time. However if you want your labels to stay on and look even more professional, look into water-proof label companies. You upload your design online, they print and ship to your door for a minimal fee.

New Recipe I recently tried and love!
1 cup hot oatmeal water 
1 gelatin pack
1/2 cup olive oil
4-5 Tbl baking soda 
Vitamin E
Aromatherapy Oil of your choice.

Take 1 cup of raw oatmeal and soak it in boiling water until the water is nice and cloudy. Strain oatmeal out of water and discard. Reheat oatmeal infused water and melt in plain gelatin pack. Stir until fully dissolved. Add baking soda, olive oil, vitamin E and essential oils and whisk to combine. Place in fridge to help gelatin set. Stir every 15-30 minutes (to keep ingredients well combined) until body wash has set up. Pour body wash into bottles, use and enjoy!

The oatmeal infused water makes this version super creamy and luxurious. As a bonus…my mother used this after getting a sunburn and…no pain, itch or sting after showering! The oatmeal soothed the burn, the baking soda gently cleansed the area and the vitamin E and olive oil moisturized preventing peeling skin later!


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