Potty Training and Humility

I’m certain that almost everyone has been uncomfortable in a public restroom. My worst moment would have to be while Potty Training K a few years ago.


We had gone to the mall when K said she had to go.  Malls are not made for the potty training child.  We hurried and scurried frantically trying to make it before I had to use the back up clothes and the empty grocery bag.  We finally found one in the food court and K sat happily doing her business.  No one was in there at the time so I made a big deal of what a good job she did and what a big girl she was.  She was quite pleased with herself!


I figured that I might as well do what I had to while we were there and K and I traded places in the stall.  there was a rush of people all at once, I’m assuming from the theater.  It quickly made a line.  I was trying to hurry, but K decided she wanted to encourage me.


“Oooh!  Mamma!  You go Potty?!  Good Job!  You are a big girl!”  A couple of women giggled.


“Mama?  Is that you?  Are you stinky?!  Good Job!  That’s hard to do sometimes, huh?”  A nervous laugh came from the stall next to me.


“Eww. Mommy, you ARE stinky!”  –I whispered that it wasn’t me and she was kind of being rude.


“Dat’s okay Mommy!  Poopin is good!  Be happy mom!  You are SOOOO BIG!”


“Momma, mommy, mom?  I’m bored.  –Oh, right.  We should take our time goin potty so no accidents.  You gonna have an accident–Oh!  Mom!  I heard that!  Good job, big girl!!!”


Well at this point, I didn’t want to leave the stall.  Everyone was laughing and probably thought I was the reason for a very foul odor now permeating in the ladies room.  I was debating on hiding out until everyone left, when a loud sound came from the next stall.  K was more than happy to cheer everyone on.


“Ooohh!  She’s a big girl too!  Good job everyone!  Mom?  I’m a good example huh?  I can go potty and show other people goin potty too!  Yea!”


So we left the stall and washed our hands while women laughed and told us we did indeed do a good job.  They told little K that they would do their best to follow her example.   She gave them a thumbs up and bid them all good luck.


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