How to make a two person swing for a tree

photo (66)

I got a little bored the other day.  The kids wanted to go to the park and I wasn’t feeling the park love.  Having just knocked out a wall in our basement, we had some 2x4s lying around waiting to be thrown out or used.  I thought to myself “I know!  I’ll make a swing!”  I’m really not a very handy person.  I am an impulsive and determined gal though.   I also thought it was perfect for a double swing, something I haven’t really seen before, but would prevent fighting over a new toy in the back.  Bonus: you only have to push one swing!

First, I gathered tools.  I just used the board as it was.

photo (62)

I clamped the board down on the work bench and chose the Spade or Paddle bit you see here (and yes, I totally had to look up what the actual name for this was.  “Weird thingy” was a bit vague.):

photo (63)


This bores a hole large enough to tie rope through.  I made three evenly spaced holes.  one on each end and one in the center.

Then I picked a tree and a sturdy branch.

photo (64)


I had Nylon clothesline rope and used it, measuring lengths and taking into account that the branch wasn’t a straight line.

I also cut a bit of hose to stick the rope through to avoid damaging the tree or fraying the rope while in use.  I tied my best knots, (boy scouts would probably laugh hysterically, but they hold.) and had my big girls test it out first before trimming the rope back.

photo (68)

It worked!

photo (67)photo (65)377257_10151683834907652_905610695_n


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3 responses to “How to make a two person swing for a tree

  1. nassosc

    Thank you for using my post as a reference but it was not a very detailed one. I felt the pressure and responsibility of such a gesture so I had to do something about it. I updated it slightly….

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